Vertical Switches

Stainless Steel High Pressure Float Switch - FS20

Full Size Stainless Steel Float Switch - FS21

Oil / Water Float Level Switch - FS22

Miniature Stainless Steel NPT Float Level Switches - FS10

Miniature Stainless Steel Bulk Head Float Switch - FS11

Miniature Plastic Float Switches - FS12

Economy Plastic Float Switches - FS01

Horizontal Switches

Plastic Side Mounted Float Switches - FH07 - FH08

SS Side Mounted Level Float Switch - FH13

90 Degree Side Mounted Float Switch - FH09


Full Size Multi-Level Float Switches - FM20 - FM22

Miniature Multi-Level Float Switches - FM10 - FM11 - FM12


Combination Level and Temperature Sensors

Optical Liquid Level Sensors- OS Series

Optical Liquid Level Sensors For Water And Other Fluids
     These optical liquid level sensors, have no moving parts and are Ideal for point level sensing of water and other liquids.  These optical level sensors provide a switches output that can sense the presence or absence of water or other fluids.  The OS-950 is Ideal for point level sensing in medical diagnostic equipment, sterilized environments and OEM water level sensing.  The OS-150 offers high pressure level sensing for water, oil and other fluids to 2500 psi.
Optical liquid level sensor - Water and fluid   Glass - Metal Optical Water Level Sensor

Miniature Plastic Optical

Liquid Level Sensor


High Pressure Optical

Liquid Level Sensors

SMD Fluid Controls designs and manufactures custom and standard float switch and liquid level sensors for demanding customers. Whether you desire inexpensive plastic float switches or a rugged stainless steel level sensor, let use guide you to the proper solution.
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